When designing the Satu Maluku referenced and revisited the best of the 1970’s single fin surfboards. The SATU has an elegant timeless outline that sniffs out speed, provides easy paddling but still offers control and flow.

We’ve upgraded the bottom contours and rail shape to give the Satu the best of what we know in 2016. ‘V’ in the nose to help push the Satu into waves, slight single concave from 1’ off the nose, and then deep double concave with ‘V’ running beside the centre box, flattening out in the tail. The rails at the centre are medium low, with medium volume for stability and hold. The rails become lower and thinner, and then pinched sharp in the tail for maximum grip and release.

The rocker line has a continuous curve with moderate nose and tail lift.

The Satu is a totally dynamic shape, couple this with the side fin box placements, it can be surfed with a variety of different fin combinations to change how the board surfs for you. From single fin, to cruiser (single + sides) or thruster.

LengthWidthThicknessVolumeFin Setup
6’821 1/4″2 3/4″43.52 + 1
7’221 1/2″ 2 13/16″ 492 + 1
7’621 3/4″2 15/16″542 + 1
7’1022 1/4″3″ 602 + 1